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Before the high-temperature flood season, fenghuangtai investigated the hazardous chemicals industry. The high-temperature flood season is a prone period for production safety accidents in hazardous chemical enterprises. Recently, Fenghuangtai Street deployed in advance and adopted a spring testing machine to first confirm the maximum force value to be tested. The maximum force value is below 2Kn. Generally, a single column spring fatigue testing machine is selected Generally, double column spring fatigue testing machine is used when it is larger than 2Kn to 50kn1, and floor type spring fatigue testing machine is used when it is above 50kN In terms of the design of the rack, ergonomics should be combined to ensure safety, reduce the fatigue of operators and provide the highest level of flexibility. Many measures should be taken to plan, prepare, act and prevent early according to the characteristics of hazardous chemical accidents easily caused by bad weather such as high temperature, humidity and thunderstorm in summer, and carry out special inspection of safety production in the hazardous chemical industry to ensure the production safety of hazardous chemical enterprises in high temperature flood season

this special inspection is mainly targeted at 50 enterprises involved in the storage and operation of hazardous chemicals and the operation of hazardous chemicals that constitute major sources of danger. Hazardous chemical enterprises are required to formulate preventive measures and emergency response plans for high-temperature flood season according to the characteristics and production characteristics of hazardous chemicals of the enterprise, and carefully implement various monitoring measures; Require enterprises to strengthen the education and training of employees in the prevention of work safety accidents, and improve the employees' awareness of safety prevention and emergency response ability; During the inspection, it is required to guide the storage of necessary emergency equipment, prepare sufficient materials and equipment, and give TORLON Pai processors support for the storage and transportation of flammable and explosive substances in high temperature environment to strengthen key protection

the supervision network composed of streets, communities and resident units, according to their own functions, do a good job in daily inspection and safety information submission, and establish a three-level linkage safety network with the neighborhood office as the center, the communities as the nodes, and the key units of dangerous chemicals as the base point; The street safety supervision office will form a joint law enforcement team with the personnel of the District Safety Supervision Bureau, the market supervision institute, the fire squadron and other relevant functional departments to supervise and urge the operation and storage enterprises of dangerous chemicals to implement the preventive measures in the high-temperature flood season and strengthen the daily management and supervision of dangerous chemicals. "Strictly implement the requirements for outdoor operations such as stopping loading and unloading, inspection and maintenance, and building construction in the rainstorm and lightning weather, form a long-term mechanism for work safety supervision and management, and promote the implementation of the work

the streets should strengthen the on duty management, urge all hazardous chemical enterprises to formulate and implement the leadership shift system, and strictly inspect the archives of enterprise leadership shift; It is required that the quality of relevant equipment and instruments is the condition to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results. The enterprise shall strictly enforce the shift system of plant level principals, pay high attention to the weather forecast and early warning information, and take safeguard measures such as emergency personnel, materials and equipment; Conduct a comprehensive investigation on key parts and facilities such as electrical instruments, lightning protection and anti-static, drainage system, storage tanks, warehouse sewage collection tanks, etc., to prevent fire, explosion and leakage accidents, and strengthen the monitoring and emergency management of major hazard sources

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