New opportunities for the paper industry under the

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The paper industry ushered in new opportunities under the "new plastic limit order" release date: Source: Rizhao on December 9, technicians inspected the white cardboard to be delivered in the finished product workshop of Asia Pacific Senbo (Shandong) pulp and Paper Co., Ltd

currently, Merck household is at the forefront of new materials and technologies. The enterprise has an annual capacity of 600000 tons of white card board. In June this year, the state launched the "new plastic restriction order". At the end of the year, the production and sales of some plastic products will be completely prohibited without rough and uneven phenomena. Green plastic products will be promoted, new business forms will be explored, and the recycling and disposal of plastic wastes will be standardized and controlled. Plastic wastes will be specially treated. With the promulgation of the "new plastic restriction order" in 2020, the market demand of China's paper industry has increased rapidly, and paper products have become the primary choice of non degradable plastic substitutes

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