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New opportunities in the field of industrialized digital printing (1)

the rapid development of information technology and digital technology has greatly promoted the growth of digital printing technology. With the deepening of economic globalization, the market demand for mass, variable and personalized printing has increased sharply. As a powerful supplement to traditional printing, digital printing has met the market demand for the diversified and personalized development of prints with the characteristics of high quality, high speed, flexibility, rapidity and variability. A variety of new, multi-functional and highly productive digital printing equipment have been launched one after another. Both printing quality and production capacity have broken through the previous definition of digital printing. With the birth of new technologies and equipment, as China's waste paper import policy becomes stricter, the service scope of word printing has far exceeded the traditionally defined fields, and has moved forward from the field of ordinary variable graphic reproduction to the field of industrialized variable data printing. What is industrial digital printing?

industrial digital printing is a new digital printing method that takes industrial production as the ultimate goal and faces high-end demand, which is different from di printing and ordinary fast printing. It breaks through the speed and production performance of copier type digital printing. Its quality and output are close to offset printing. It can well complete mass, personalized and variable data printing at low cost

For high-precision

industrial digital printing as an unconventional and differentiated printing method, it not only has the characteristics of digitization, but also can carry out offset industrial production. High grade product quality, strong batch production capacity, wide application range, stable and reliable long-time operation and low application cost make industrial digital printing have great potential in production capacity and business expansion. It not only goes beyond the traditional definition of digital printing business, develops the concept of "printing machine" in the digital field, but also reduces costs In terms of service improvement, Oshkosh factory provided a new standard. At first, Oshkosh factory had 5 employees, that is, realizing personalized variable data printing does not have to be at the cost of high printing cost

the inevitability of the existence of industrialized digital printing

with the integration of China's economy and the world economy, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises have introduced advanced production, management and market concepts into China, opening up new market opportunities for the Chinese market. In the printing field, the concept of personalized service has been widely promoted. The requirements of the market for various on-demand printing and variable data printing services are constantly improving. For example, multinational enterprises that have been used to printing on demand will inevitably bring demand for high-end on-demand printing. Therefore, the steady development of China's foreign trade and economic cooperation will continue to promote the application of personalized and variable data in all areas of life

the rapid development of the national economy continues to pose new challenges to the printing industry. The market is more and more demanding on printing quality and delivery time. The fierce competition among peers makes the original business and service model no longer competitive. Only high-quality services close to the market and consumers can help enterprises win more orders. At present, there are many demands for high-volume, short edition and variable high-quality prints in traditional printing fields such as offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and printing, while traditional printing and ordinary short edition digital printing cannot meet the high-end and diversified market demand. 3. Balancing machine (including on-site balancing instrument); Therefore, industrial digital printing can exist and develop

globally, the increasingly frequent economic cooperation between countries and regions has greatly promoted the promotion and dissemination of advanced technology in the world. In the field of digital printing, global economic integration continues to promote the application and popularization of mass, personalized and on-demand variable data printing

from the perspective of industry development, any technology can create the greatest social value only when it enters the application stage of industrial production. Therefore, only by realizing industrial production can digital printing finally promote the development of the whole printing industry

based on the above reasons, industrialized digital printing has become possible and inevitable in China

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