New opportunities for all aluminum home furnishing

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New opportunities for all aluminum home furnishing enterprises under the new mode

at present, the competition in the all aluminum home furnishing market is intensifying, and some enterprises begin to carry out transformation and upgrading with the help of e-commerce. However, not all enterprises can achieve great results. The e-commerce road of some enterprises is still stagnant, and the adaptability to the base wall is very low. In fact, for the traditional all aluminum home furnishing industry, e-commerce is not the only way out. With the derivation of some new commercial and market pull machines in the 10~500 mm/min industry model, hardbound housing projects have become the trend of the real estate market, and all aluminum home furnishing enterprises can explore with the help of the new model

the transformation and upgrading of all aluminum home furnishing enterprises is urgent.

the difficulties faced by the all aluminum home furnishing industry vary from year to year. In recent years, the degree of difficulties has become greater and greater for a variety of reasons. Some people say that the current real estate market is not good, and the sales are all down; Some people put forward that the monetary policy is not loose enough and it is difficult for enterprises to lend; Some enterprises put it more directly, that is, the expansion speed of stores is too fast, leading to disorderly competition and competition for dealers; Dealers are also bargaining with each other at no cost. Some stores can't even sell a single item a day. These are difficulties. In this case, transformation has become a top priority for many all aluminum home furnishing enterprises. At present, e-commerce under "Internet +" has become a popular transformation export

e-commerce is not the only way out for the transformation of all aluminum home furnishing enterprises

indeed, after the great success of Mayun Internet electronic mall, everyone is exploring the e-commerce model of building materials home furnishings. Some all aluminum home furnishing enterprises also try to open shopping malls. However, no matter how much money they spend, the browsing volume and click through rate of these platforms cannot be compared with Alibaba and tmall, and Ma Yun's model cannot be copied. Therefore, we should think more about problems and do not blindly follow the trend. To survive and develop by copying and copying is not the only way out for an enterprise

e-commerce is not the only way to change the business model of all aluminum home furnishings. Now in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, all community development requires hardbound houses. In this way, will there be some changes in commercial stores

for example, a store becomes a logistics distribution base and a dealer becomes a supplier. This is also a great change in the business model. Because of the large-scale development and decoration, the best way to reduce the procurement cost is to find factories to order directly, rather than find retail stores. It is relatively less to consider the cooperation within the region and the wholesale of joint developers. Community developers generally need hundreds of commodities at a time. It is impossible for them to talk with manufacturers of hundreds of commodities. At this time, what they need most is a good logistics distributor, or a centralized purchase center, for unified procurement. Of course, the logistics center or centralized purchase center will not only take orders from one community, but will have orders from fourorfive communities. With a big order in hand, can we not deal with the production enterprise? The profit margin of production enterprises can only be greater

in the future, logistics distribution centers and centralized product purchase centers may be the outlet for a considerable number of stores. The identity of dealers in the stores will also change from scattered customers to centralized suppliers. Throughout the development of countries around the world, hardbound housing is the future trend. Therefore, all aluminum home furnishing enterprises should study this issue from now on, understand the purchase practices and channels of community developers, and enter this market as soon as possible

the method of all aluminum home furnishing industry (5) is that the development of measuring coaxiality under stress is slowed down because employees do not bring more advanced business models. Both the marketing, packaging and circulation modes are far behind other industries, not to mention the application of informatization in the all aluminum household industry. The progress of all aluminum home furnishing industry needs to be guided, which is our mission

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