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The electrical and electrical appliance manufacturing industry will face new opportunities during the 12th Five Year Plan. Introduction: in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and energy industry, the total industrial output value and sales volume of the whole industry have reached more than 50billion yuan, and the electrical and electrical appliance manufacturing industry has also developed very fast. During the 12th Five Year Plan, China will accelerate the development of new energy and renewable energy, and strive to break through core technologies, especially those related to power access, such as control and regulation equipment, compensation equipment, and equipment related to power electronics and automation

at present, China's 12th Five year energy plan and corresponding supporting industry plans (such as power, energy technology, equipment, oil and natural gas, new energy and renewable energy) have been basically completed. Relevant plans are being improved according to the requirements for reasonable control of total energy consumption put forward in the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan, and will be released soon. Recently, Li Ye, director of the Department of energy conservation, science, technology and equipment of the national energy administration, disclosed to the outside world

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and energy industry, the electrical appliance manufacturing industry has also developed very fast. In 2010, China's machinery industry achieved sales of 14.7 trillion yuan, becoming the world's largest equipment manufacturing country that must ensure that the system is preheated for more than 20 minutes. The changes in the field of electric energy undoubtedly have a direct impact on electrical products. The next step of its development is to some extent reflected in the attitude of relevant national departments and the plans mentioned by director Li Ye

gas power generation has become the focus of conventional power

power is one of the main energy sources. How will China's power industry develop during the 12th Five Year Plan period? Director Li Ye said: it is expected that China's energy demand will have an inflection point by 2030, and will show an upward trend before that. Therefore, for quite a long time, China will still regard supply guarantee as its first task

electricity is one of the important energy sources. According to the general plan, China's installed power capacity will reach 1.47 billion kw in 2015, 1.84 billion kw in 2020 and 2.47 billion kw in 2030. Compared with the development history of developed countries, the forecast is still conservative. Of course, the final forecast figure should be determined based on the situation of all parties. It is estimated that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, coal power will still play a leading role, accounting for 65% of the total installed capacity; Conventional hydropower will be greatly improved, accounting for 19%~20%, but the current situation is not very clear. As it involves immigration, ecology and other issues, this goal may not be fully achieved; New energy and clean energy account for 6% or more; Gas fired power generation accounts for 2%~3%, and 30million kilowatts of new power will be added and 30million kilowatts will be put into operation; Nuclear power originally hoped to occupy a high proportion, but now it seems difficult and will not go up soon; Energy storage and solar energy will also be developed

as for which fields or equipment in conventional power will become the development focus of the 12th Five Year Plan, Director General Li said that the development opportunities brought by the power industry to the electrical and electrical manufacturing industry come from both total growth and structural adjustment

for conventional power generation, there are still many innovations to be done. The National Energy Administration recently launched the 700 ℃ ultra supercritical coal-fired power generation technology research and development plan, hoping to promote the development of conventional equipment, conventional technology and conventional materials through the project as a long-term strategy

in addition, the localization of gas turbines is also a key point. Whether in terms of energy development or energy structure adjustment, gas turbines must make major breakthroughs during the 12th Five Year Plan period; There is also clean coal technology. We believe that the peroxide degraded PP resin should be controlled. The use of coal chemical industry combined with IGCC polygeneration is a bright road for the energy industry; Pumped storage will also be the focus of the 12th Five Year Plan. It is planned to basically realize localization, especially for those with high water head, because pumped storage and gas turbine are the best choices for peak load regulation

the development of new and renewable energy still needs to be accelerated

nuclear power had a good development plan, but the Fukushima accident cooled the global nuclear power. Now, the orders of nuclear power equipment whose three major power sources were stopped by users in China have reached 46billion yuan. We think that to develop nuclear power, we must first solve the problem of technical route. Although AP1000 has been introduced, it will take a long time to introduce, digest and absorb; The second is the localization of equipment and materials. It is necessary to turn the short-term cessation of industrial development caused by the Fukushima accident into a good thing. During this period, we will focus on the localization of equipment and materials to make up for China's lack of scientific skills. Although the installed capacity of nuclear power in China during the 12th Five Year Plan period may not be as large as previously proposed, it should still have a considerable scale from commencement to construction in progress

wind power has reached a period of standardized development. China is already the largest country in terms of wind power installed capacity, but we should not only focus on kilowatts and kilowatt hours, but also pay attention to wind power generation. In addition to the power generation related to planning, design and merger, the manufacturing quality of wind turbines is also an important issue. At present, the quality of wind turbines has a downward trend, which is closely related to the vicious competition of low prices in the industry. The next step is to strengthen the standard detection and certification of wind turbines, and truly see the clean power brought by wind power. Recently, this aspect has been a focus, and many instructions from the State Council require that this work be done well. The same is true of photovoltaic power generation, and attention should be paid to power generation. There is a very strict quality assurance system in the field of conventional power equipment, but new energy and renewable energy may not have suffered. This is not possible

at the same time, these two fields should also strive to break through the core technologies, especially the technologies related to electric access, such as control and regulation equipment, compensation equipment, equipment related to power electronics and automation, etc. (organized by gkong)

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