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Blockchain: a new opportunity or a trap for the instrument industry

since the beginning of 2018, blockchain has become a hot topic with the east wind of the A-share market. However, in the face of the concept stocks that have been falling by the limit recently, it has poured cold water on many followers who are preparing to enter the blockchain tide. Why is blockchain popular? Does such a new concept have any impact on the development of the instrument industry? Is it a new opportunity or a trap

the financial derivation of investment opportunities seems to give everyone the opportunity to share the dividends of technological change, but in fact, it is more a trap of speculators. Will the retail blockchain fever cause the biggest investment joke this year

let's first understand the concept of blockchain. Blockchain is always on a par with bitcoin

on October 31, 2008, a man named "Nakamoto cong" sent an e-mail in a cryptology e-mail group, declaring, "I have been studying a new e-cash system, which is completely peer-to-peer and does not need any trusted third party." He introduced a new system with bitcoin as the transaction currency

during the application of blockchain, the "yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute believes that virtual digital currency is only one of its application scenarios. Blockchain is expected to be applied to supply chain management, food safety, information dissemination and other fields. In the future, blockchain technology is also expected to be used in the channel e-commerce process of the instrument industry

information experts call blockchain a machine for creating trust. They described what will happen in the near future: all electronic contracts are embedded in digital codes and stored in a transparent shared database, where they are protected from deletion, tampering and revision. In this scenario, every agreement process, task and payment carried out by each of us in the connected world can be identified, verified, stored and shared. Offline transactions in the instrument industry rely on traditional contract issuance. With the development of blockchain technology, electronic contracts will be gradually applied to replace paper contracts. The instrument trading platform "yishanghui" and China's leading electronic signature company "yiyunzhang" have taken the lead in establishing strategic cooperation, applying electronic contracts to the process of e-commerce transactions in instrument channels, effectively solving the era of legal effect of BTB platform procurement vouchers of instrument enterprises

the core value of blockchain to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry is mainly in the change of servers. This is different from the "extended plan" of interconnection. The interconnection technology is on centralized servers, which are often controlled by large interconnection companies. However, this data storage method is widely used in foreign countries to automatically clamp security vulnerabilities. This is risky for users, and it will be much better if the blockchain is a distributed server

blockchain means that each terminal will become a computing interaction center and will no longer operate with the server as the center. Structurally, it is a qualitative leap. The future transaction node of the instrument industry will also change. In the PC era, it relied on page entry, and in the mobile Internet era, official account became traffic entry. The application of blockchain technology will turn each terminal into a data interaction center. Therefore, blockchain is regarded as the fourth technological revolution after steam engine, power and interconnection

at present, many people still question the blockchain, but recently, the technical talents of mainstream Internet companies have begun to join the blockchain entrepreneurship, which can be seen that the technical talents recognize the blockchain technology. There is also the layout of large-scale investment institutions, such as Zhenge, preangle, Sequoia, Hongtai, and so on. This means that blockchain has been gradually transformed from a concept to a reality. It is not only a guess or prediction, but also from the capital level to the use level

blockchain is a kind of "distributed business logic"

"yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute believes that blockchain is not only a technology, but also a logic. Also known as "distributed business logic", blockchain is fundamentally different from previous and current business models

in general, the "distributed business logic" features the following three points:

first, the confirmation right of the terminal. For a long time, whether it is Weibo, the ID we use belongs to the platform or the individual? There has been no final conclusion, but on the blockchain: everyone's data, ID, etc. belong to their own. If others call, they need to ask for your consent, or even pay you a fee. Internet copyright cannot be defined, but with the support of blockchain technology, content related data assets can be recorded

each information is a technical data record, which can prove who owns the product or information, when it was issued, and is copyrighted. If someone reprints it, it can be accessed. If the product or information content is reprinted, it must indicate who the original author is, or it needs to be paid to the author, which is also the protection of the author's intellectual property rights

II. Capitalization of behavior. In the interconnection, we often get some data incentives. For example, Didi needs to give the master star praise for taking a taxi, which is a reward on the data. However, these are just data in the interconnection and have not become assets

however, in the blockchain world, people's behaviors can become assets and can be recorded. For example, after I purchase products, I evaluate suppliers. The evaluation itself is credit accumulation. At the same time, I help others forward products and advertising content. The platform will abide by the smart contract, automatically return a currency to me, and give corresponding value rewards to the forwarding behavior. The currency itself can also be traded in the exchange, with room for appreciation. In essence, it is a kind of futures

III. smart contract of circulation. For example, when companies talk about cooperation projects, they will constantly change the contract, and the other party will constantly play games for their respective rights and obligations. This may be very complicated and inefficient. However, in the world of blockchain, the contract is agreed by the code itself, which is an automatic contract and can take effect automatically

from the perspective of development stage, the whole blockchain field is still in the early development stage, and there is a huge foam. This is mainly the problem of the participants. For example, many participants are mostly non qualified investors. They don't know what is a white paper or blockchain. They just play with various concepts to make money. This is the biggest foam at present

whether the blockchain has innovative investment in the instrument industry, "yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute believes that it can be considered from the following three aspects:

I. data asset projects in the instrument industry. Because the transaction and payment itself are digital assets, bitcoin will be so popular. It is conceivable whether there will be tokens in the instrument industry

II. Contract related in the traditional transaction of instruments. For example, financial services related to agreements and bills have the opportunity to be innovated by the blockchain

III. The content production, copyright and personal information and data management of the instrument industry can be innovated by using the blockchain technology, and there are more entrepreneurial opportunities

in a word, blockchain technology is a disruptive technology. "Yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute believes that the development cycle from technology development to application may take 3 to 5 years, or even shorter. For the instrument industry, we should pay more attention to the development of blockchain and act in a timely manner

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