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With the improvement of people's requirements for catering life, restaurant decoration has also attracted much attention. Especially in the decoration of small houses with limited space, the decoration of small restaurants needs more attention. What kind of restaurant decoration do you like? You can use the Inspiration Design Method of art frame for reference

the table design with classical column pattern adopts the glass desktop design, which is convenient for cleaning and increases the transparency and beauty. The classic black dining chair has a great sense of design, and the complex backrest design fully reflects the owner's artistic talent. The gray space on the background wall of the restaurant highlights the rich artistic atmosphere. The scattered shelves are placed with various decorations. Using the background wall design of the restaurant, a small display cabinet is created in the owner's eating and drinking room, reflecting the owner's elegant life taste and artistic cells. Even the mirror design next to it is also very creative. The decoration of the small restaurant is beautiful everywhere

a small dining table with a round solid wood table is placed between the two windows. The window design with a bow from left to right allows the decoration effect drawing of the whole small restaurant to have good natural lighting. What you enjoy here is warm sunshine catering, which is full of romance. The single chairs on the left and right sides are semi enclosed design, which is very modern and fashionable. If there are many people, you can freely add small chairs next to them to meet the needs of many people. The small lamp on the dining table also attracts our attention. The layer by layer design is very aesthetic. The small windowsill next to it acts as the storage platform of the wine cabinet. When placing wine glasses and drinks, it cleverly squeezed the dining room space in the corner of the small house decoration

wood furniture decoration has become a new favorite of home decoration. In the decoration effect drawing of this small restaurant, from the theme of furniture storage cabinets, dining tables and chairs to the floor, it is made of solid wood, which sets off the simple and warm overall atmosphere and also gives us a natural taste. The dining chair with high backrest has a modern design sense, and also provides a soft and comfortable sitting feeling, which adds a lot of points to the decoration of small houses. In the design of the background wall of the restaurant, the posting of a world map broadens our horizons, allowing us to enjoy every corner of the world here

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