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The advertising film is put on the high-speed railway station, which means that the water-based paint represented by infinity flower water paint leads the trend of environmental protection coating?????? The mighty Spring Festival has passed, and we are on our way back to work. Friends who go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for work and business trips. If you pay attention to the waiting hall and ticket check-in gate of the south high-speed railway station in these four cities, the advertisement of "infinite flower water paint" appears on the advertising rack of the waiting station with high frequency

infinity high speed railway advertisement

infinity high speed railway advertisement

infinity high speed railway advertisement

the slogan is: "China's leading brand of high-end water paint!" The main color in the advertising film is red, and the main pictures are infinite flower logo, text and crown. This advertising film highlights the clearer product positioning and brand positioning of infinite flower watercolor:

red represents auspiciousness, happiness, enthusiasm, boldness, passion, enthusiasm, fighting spirit, flame, and power, implying the strength, friendliness, struggle, and research of infinite Flower brand in China's watercolor market. Red is one of the three primary colors, With the other two primary colors, you can call up any color, which means infinite meaning. Flower water paint has a complete range of products and a wide range of applications. In fact, infinite flower products were widely used in the field of wood, industrial metal, construction, glass, plastic, medical, food and other fields for more than 100 varieties 10 years ago

infinite flower logo creativity

the crown represents dignity, high-end, atmosphere and authority, implying that the quality and technology of infinite flower water paint are superior in China An incomparable position. In fact, infinity water paint has pioneered in all fields of domestic water-based paint industry since its establishment in 1998. It is a national high-tech enterprise that has developed and produced all water paint since its establishment in China. Its technology is in line with Germany and leads the trend of international water paint

High Speed Railway advertisement

at present, infinite flower water paint:

◆ it has two factories of water-based resin production and finished product production, and the independent innovation technical force occupies the commanding height of domestic water-based paint technology

◆ the technology of water-based wood furniture paint is far ahead in China, and it is a benchmark brand in the industry. The first "water-based Lisi" and "water-based color correction liquid" are factories that have been successfully developed and introduced to the market in China. Since the introduction of "open paint process" and "old process" in 2007, it has led the domestic water-based wood painting effect into a new realm

◆ in terms of water-based industrial anti-corrosion paint, the technical level of "water-based rust remover", "water-based steel structure paint", "water-based color tile paint", "water-based orange peel paint", "water-based missile paint"

◆ the technical level of "special water-based anti-corrosion paint" and "high temperature resistant paint" developed by the company so far represents the highest water standard in China

◆ the "water-based blackboard paint" covers 95% of the domestic market and is exported to Wal Mart Supermarkets in Japan and the United States

◆ the "water-based antibacterial metallic paint" pioneered in China and was successfully applied to ICU Wards, operating rooms and medical devices

◆ the founding factory of domestic complete "water-based dip painting" process development and supporting dip coating assembly line and dip coating tank design

◆ at present, "water-based wood wax oil" is the only product in China. Its environmental protection and performance exceed that of natural wood wax oil, and has won excellent brand reputation in the domestic high-end flooring industry and furniture industry

◆ the smell, environmental protection performance, physical performance and coating effect of "zero carbon life" wall water paint are unmatched by traditional emulsion paint, which makes the wall coating enter a new era

infinite flower water paint -- China's leading brand of high-end water paint

the advertising film is put on the high-speed railway station, implying that the water-based paint represented by infinite flower water paint is the strongest voice of China's water paint to lead the trend of environmental protection coating, At the same time, it also represents the acceleration of domestic environmental protection policies

with the rapid development of the domestic water paint market, infinite flower water paint put advertisements in high-speed railway stations with dense traffic during the 2017 Spring Festival. The target group of advertisements is not only dealers and customers, but also its role is not only to cheer up dealers. In essence, it is the popularization and baptism of environmental protection coating for the public, but also a public service advertisement for China's environmental protection undertakings





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