Odic door and window 520 you choose to surprise TA

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520 tell the day, you choose to give TA a surprise, odic doors and windows choose to accompany you to the old ~

it is said that the total number of people you meet in your life is about 29200000, the probability of meeting is 0.00487, the probability of knowing is 0.0000005, meeting, knowing, knowing, falling in love

it's almost 520 for young men and women in the whole country.

choose this day

give her a super surprise

it's simply a decision with a strong desire to survive

however, love is not only a verbal promise

but also a secure

what is the best token expression

love in the 60s

popular Keepsake:

send each other "Chairman Mao's quotations" or "Chairman Mao's Poems"

gay men send lesbian scarves or hairpins

lesbian return gay pens, notebooks

love in the 70s

popular Keepsake:

butterfly sewing machine, permanent bicycle, tape recorder

love in the 80s

popular Keepsake:

love letter hand knitted sweaters Sing pop song

love in the 1990s

popular Keepsake:

lovers' ring, music box, chocolate, roses

love now

want to give her a warm home

520 bold confession

will there be "521 I do" Oh

to confess, buy windows and doors, major events in life, one stop

520 day

are you ready for the right person

you are about to confess

you always need a special way to make her feel your love

odick "odick doors and windows"

odick doors and windows, pour your love and confess to you. When it comes to 520 day, odic will say: choose a room and die old, with a white head. No matter how much sweet talk or romantic candlelight dinner, there is no sense of security in the promise of a home

a deep love comes from odic's protection, a persistent pursuit, our adherence to "customized safety doors and windows", an eternal promise, and the careful polishing of every detail

give her a safe home, warm her, try to give her a sense of security, reassure her, and let her have this everlasting happiness. Perhaps, this is the longest confession. Odic doors and windows, we will give you whatever you want

in short, no matter how you express yourself,

as long as you sincerely believe, you can move TA,

520 express daylight,

if you love TA, you should say it out loud! Out! Come on

odic doors and windows

ta is suitable for falling in love with you, and I am suitable for accompanying you to old age

odic doors and windows wishes lovers all over the world get married

- end -

customized safety doors and windows are odic

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