Panpan Mumen Guiyang sales experience exchange mee

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Communication is an effective way to promote progress. There are different opinions and different thoughts. After collision and communication, everyone absorbs good experience and creates conditions for future success. This is the significance of communication

in 2014, the Guiyang sales experience exchange meeting of Panpan business school, the College of Panpan Mumen, was grandly held

Panpan business school, together with the Institute of private economy of Peking University, integrates the best experts, scholars and practical entrepreneurs at home and abroad to open the EMBA president class of Panpan Business School of Peking University, so that we can gain wisdom from our study. In response to the confusion of enterprise management, let's find countermeasures from the way of management. Both inside and outside, so that the project class students' leadership and charm can be sublimated. Open the door of enterprise management strategy under the current complex economic environment

broaden students' horizons and change their thinking mode and business philosophy; Further improve its strategic decision-making ability

create space for each student to improve themselves and promote themselves, and cultivate the company's backup comprehensive management talents

abundant knowledge, brilliant intelligence, wonderful life and excellent life were born

pass on Eastern and Western management ideas and wisdom, so that students can understand the connotation of philosophy, understand the humanistic realm, and improve their personal quality

experience should be shared. Sparks of wisdom burst out in Panpan business school, summarizing good experience and creating future success




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